The Odds Of A Stock Market Crash On Oct. 9

Bear? Sell short? Buy a put?Brokers and investors speak a language of their own. If you’re a market junkie or an individual investor review who wants to know more about how stock exchanges work, test your knowledge of Wall Street speak with this 20-question quiz: – Denali Tietjen,Contributor 1. What does IPO stand for? An IPO is the first sale of stock shares by a private company to the general public.

Keep in mind though that this is just another symptom of Fed induced price distortions. Buying after inflationary policy has pushed prices into the stratosphere can be very dangerous. (click to enlarge) A long term NDX wave count since the year 2000 mania peak, via B.A. Mutual Fund Cash Levels Lastly we show a recent chart of the cash-to-assets percentage of mutual funds. In spite of large inflows this year, this percentage (at 3.8%) remains only a tiny bit above its all time low recorded in 2011, and remains below the low recorded in March of 2000 (4.2%), which in turn was an all time low at the time.

The futures markets arent perfect, but I was the president of our U.S. futures market for seven years and I never once had anybody complain about liquidity, Farley said today. There are whole conferences dedicated to the issue in equity markets. Reg NMS should be reconsidered, SEC Commissioner Daniel Gallagher said last week. Its a prime candidate for a retrospective review, he told the Security Traders Association market structure conference on Oct. 3.

How the stock market learned to love the web again

Five years later, the payoff on those deals is becoming clear: $10 billion and counting. But thats not all that calendar watchers are thinking about: They also are on heightened alert for trend changes at any time this month. Thats because October has the reputation for being one in which an above-average number of trend changes occur. As noted in the Stock Traders Almanac, October is known both as the jinx month as well as a bear killer. The reason for the former reputation, according to the Almanac, is because of crashes in 1929, 1987, the 554-point drop on Oct. 27, 1997, back-to-back massacres in 1978 and 1979, Friday the 13th in 1989, and the meltdown in 2008. At the same time, October is known as a bear killer because of the 11 post-WWII bear markets that ended during the month. Government shutdown: Track the latest news out of Washington /conga/story/2013/10/governmentshutdownstream.html 282136 But is there any statistical basis for thinking that October, or Oct.

Stock Rules Too Complex to Official at NYSE’s Imminent Owner

Several years ago, a new generation of startups emerged. They were built around new technologies and features like social networking, local e-commerce and mobile apps. In time, the best of these companies listed their stocks on the public markets, and some, like Zynga ( ZNGA ) and OpenTable ( OPEN ), saw their prices rise and then fall. Fewer, like LinkedIn ( LNKD ) won a more durable favor among investors. MORE: 3 ways Twitter’s IPO won’t be like Facebook This year, nearly all public companies relying on web-centric business models are seeing the kinds of rallies that founders dream of when going public.


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