Obama Demands Quick House Vote On Shutdown

The United States may keep some forces in Afghanistan after the formal end of the war in 2014, if an agreement can be reached with the Afghan government; the U.S. and Iraq were unable to reach a similar deal after the end of the war. Obama told the wire service that “no matter what, by the end of next year, we’ll be finished with combat operations” in Afghanistan. The owner of the Washington Redskins football team should “think about changing” its nickname because it is offensive to some Native Americans. The Associated Press interviewed Obama on Friday, and published the results Saturday.
Source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2013/10/05/obama-associated-press-interview-government-shutdown/2926989/

Obama said during a surprise visit to FEMA headquarters in the district. The House should hold that vote today. The president said he is happy to talk to Republicans about budget issues, but not under threat of a shutdown or a government default. Were not going to establish that pattern, Mr. Obama said, urging the GOP to move beyond this manufactured crisis. Speaker John A. Boehner , Ohio Republican, has said there are not enough votes in the House to pass a clean resolution to reopen the government temporarily.
Source: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/oct/7/white-house-takes-tough-line-default-threat/

Obama Says Boehner Is Bluffing: ‘Hold a Vote’

“And so I recognize that in today’s media age, being controversial, taking controversial positions, rallying the most extreme parts of your base — whether it’s left or right — is a lot of times the fastest way to get attention or raise money, but it’s not good for government. It’s not good for the people we’re supposed to be serving.” Thoughts on Iran The AP interview also touched on the question of Iran’s nuclear program and the overtures made last month by President Hassan Rouhani at the U.N. General Assembly meeting in view publisher site New York. “Nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction have no place in Iran’s security and defense doctrine, and contradict our fundamental religious and ethical convictions,” Rouhani told the world body. Obama said the United States should test such overtures.
Source: http://www.cnn.com/2013/10/05/politics/obama-interview/index.html

Obama blames Boehner for ongoing government shutdown

Credit: Reuters/Jonathan Ernst By Mark Felsenthal WASHINGTON | Sat Oct 5, 2013 1:16pm EDT WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Saying the U.S. government shutdown was having a “heartbreaking” impact on ordinary Americans, President Barack Obama on Saturday renewed his call on congressional Republicans to end the five-day stalemate and pass a funding bill without conditions. Republicans in the House of Representatives have held firm in their refusal to fund and reopen the government until Democrats agree to delay implementation of Obama’s landmark 2010 healthcare law, also known as Obamacare. In his weekly radio address, Obama ratcheted up the pressure on Republicans, describing the toll the shutdown was having on several people who had either lost access to government services or been temporarily displaced from their jobs. Kelly Mumper, an early education worker with three children in the military, was one of 150 workers who had to stop providing care for 770 children enrolled in an early childhood education facility in Alabama, the president said. “I am extremely concerned for the welfare of these children,” Obama quoted Mumper as saying in a letter she wrote him.
Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/10/05/us-usa-fiscal-obama-idUSBRE99403I20131005?feedType=RSS

Obama calls impact of government shutdown ‘heartbreaking’

I believe there are the votes to pass a clean [continuing resolution], Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Charlie Dent said on CNN. Im going to insist the Speaker try to bring out a clean, continuing resolution. Speaking on the House floor later, Boehner said its Obama who is making the shutdown drag on. With a need to increase the debt ceiling or face major economic consequences looming just days away, Boehner said a senior White House official told him Monday that Obama would rather risk a sovereign debt default than negotiate over raising the borrowing limit. The presidents refusal to negotiate is hurting our economy and putting our country at risk, Boehner said.
Source: http://swampland.time.com/2013/10/07/obama-says-boehner-bluffing-hold-a-vote/


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