Metallica goes Hollywood for ‘Through the Never’ movie

“I get out of (expletive) bed every day for experiences I don’t know anything about,” says drummer and admitted “movie geek” Lars Ulrich. Directed by Nimrod Antal (Predators),Through the Never intersperses a rockin’ show featuring band members Ulrich, guitarist Kirk Hammett, singer James Hetfield and bass player Robert Trujillo with a dark fantasy narrative. The story stars Dane DeHaan (Chronicle) as Trip, a roadie and Metallica acolyte who’s sent on a mission and runs right into a seemingly post-apocalyptic situation that includes riots and a gas-masked, horse-riding harvester of sorrow the Death Dealer. “Dane has a certain intensity about him on camera that I think really fits the intensity of our music,” Hammett says. “Our fans are very, very passionate and intense in their own way, and I’m hoping when they see Dane, they can see themselves.” The band internally discussed doing an IMAX movie for a decade, during which it released the 2004 documentary Some Kind of Monster, which explored the exit of bassist Jason Newsted, Hetfield’s visit to rehab for alcohol abuse and the group struggling to stay together. The idea for a feature stayed on the back burner until about four years ago, when Metallica started hearing pitches from a variety of filmmakers.

‘Hollywood Hillbillies’ on ReelzChannel, premiering in January, follows Georgia family

Another family from rural Georgia is coming to reality television, with “Hollywood Hillbillies” set to debut in January on ReelzChannel. The show follows Michael Kittrell and his grandmother Delores Hughes, known as “Mema,” as the family moves from Grayson, Ga., to Hollywood. Along for the ride are Kittrell’s aunt, Dee Dee Peters, her boyfriend Paul Conlon, and Kittrell’s uncle John Cox. MORE: Latest TV coverage | Reality TV | TV Zone blog | TV Listings Kittrell is known as “The Angry Ginger” on YouTube, where a video he made to protest a “South Park” episode that claimed redheads have no soul gained attention.


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